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You are always welcome to book a meeting with us. We are here to help you as a student with your emerging ideas.

  • Do you dream of creating your own startup business?
  • Want to enhance your knowledge on innovation and entrepreneurship? 
  • Interested to know more about gaining ECTS, while working on your own ideas? 
  • Are you already far along with your startup, but need help finding your next step or funding?

All questions, challenges and ideas are welcome.

Who can you book?

Frederik Berg Nygaard
Head of SCIENCE Innovation Hub
+45 23822202
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Frederik is our business developer who has experience with starting his own business and has worked with student innovation and entrepreneurship for many years. Frederik facilitates Project in Practice, make presentations on the courses, and you can book him for a meeting. Frederik can help with all business-related problems like:

  • Strategy
  • Pricing
  • execution

Jakub Rubinowski
Business Developer
+45 5119 5591.
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Jakub is the business developer in the hub and has more than seven years of experience from the Danish universities innovation ecosystem. Jakub is ready to guide you as a student through the entire process of creating a business while studying. You can contact Jakub with all you business-related questions like:

  • Business development
  • Funding
  • Strategy

Josefine Madsen
Innovation Consultant
+45 40901282
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Josefine is one of the hub's innovation consultants. Josefine has had her own startup and therefore has lots of personal experience with innovation and entrepreneurship. Josefine is responsible for recruiting, coordinating and collaborations with professors and planning events. If you have any questions about what kind of collaboration we can do or if you have some general questions about the hub, what we offer or how you can become a member, then it is Josefine that you should contact.

Alice Redder - On maternity leave
Innovation Consultant
+45 93565462 
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Alice is the hubs innovation consultant. Alice has since 2016 worked directly with student innovation and entrepreneurship. In the hub, Alice is responsible for recruiting, coordinating and collaborations with professors and planning events. You can contact Alice if you have any questions about:

  • Collaborations
  • General questions about the hub
  • What we can offer